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Rules of Engagement

• Be Polite: Inappropriate language will not be tolerated and posts containing discriminatory, racist, offensive, obscene, vulgar, profane, inflammatory, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate and/or objectionable statements, language or content will be removed.

• No Personal Attacks: We recognize that questioning, constructive arguments and opinions are part of conversation, but posts with aggressive personal attacks, defamatory in nature and/or threatening will be removed immediately.

• Personal information: For your own safety and the safety of others, posts that violate privacy and/or include personal information including your own will be removed.

• On-topic comments: All discussion participants are reminded to stay on topic. Off topic comments and postings will be removed to encourage and facilitate effective discussions. It may well be that you have a GREAT comment that demands a new forum, please reach out to us if this is the case.

• Political comments: This isn’t really the place for politics, such comments may be edited or removed.

• Comment spam: Posts deemed as spam and/or explicit commercial endorsements will be removed. Don’t even think about.

• Blocking: Individuals who repeatedly disregard these discussion guidelines may be removed without warning and banned from participating. Everyone’s voice demands the respect of being heard; please follow the rules.

Users who neglect these Rules of Engagement may have their comments and privileges edited and/or removed:

Inappropriate- means one or more of the following:

1. Transmitting any materials in violation of local, state, provincial, national or Biblical laws;
2. Using vulgar, profane or inappropriate language;
3. Transmitting or posting threatening, abusive, discriminatory or obscene material;
4. Duplicating, storing or transmitting copyrighted material;
5. Lobbying for political purposes;
6. Duplicating, storing or transmitting pornographic material;
7. Suggesting or supporting illegal activity;
8. Posting material that is likely to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems;
9. Advertising or soliciting on behalf of ministries, businesses or not-for-profit organizations;
10. Posting material that is not topically related to the Content;
11. Repetitive or multiple postings by a single user;
12. Making defamatory statements or character assassination intended to injure someone;
13. Gossip or reckless conversation derived from a third party, with the potential to hurt or damage someone.

Please note that sharing personal, factual, abusive experiences within righteous Biblical conduct such as illustrated in Matthew 18:15-20, is not gossip. Let’s have the courage to expose religious abuse, whether individual and/or corporate, but also do our best to avoid it.

We look for the best in one another, bless one another, pray for wholesome blessings for all who post and/or read content on this site.

Please feel free to share testimony.

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