Regardless of what we think about it, the New Testament has shaped the lives and thoughts of more people, over a longer period of time, than any other book in the history of mankind.  Regardless of your age, gender, religion, region, race, or social status, the New Testament and it’s billions of followers are affecting the quality of your life, but can we really trust the New Testament?  The New Testament teachings of Mashiyach Yeshua (Jesus) are indeed timeless, yet the division and disunity among “New Testament Believers” are disheartening.  What can this generation do to bring about love and unity among New Testament Believers?  Is there something about the New Testament itself that has the potential to bring an “explosive revival” of love and unity?  Who would work towards blocking a revival of love, gratitude, and respect among all New Testament Believers?  What can we do to bring such blessings to our precious brothers and sisters of Faith?

Can We Trust the New Testament? 

What honest and truthful guidelines can we employ to honestly determine whether the New Testament is based on Empirical Truth or fictitious religious traditions?

What is New Testament Spirituality?

What is the Kingdom of Heaven?  Why is repentance tied with the Kingdom of Heaven?  What did being “born again” mean to the original Apostles?  What differences are there between “Old” and “New” Testament Spirituality?  What questions haven’t we asked about the New Testament?  What questions are we afraid to ask?

What is the New Testament?

What authority transmuted Greek and Latin manuscripts into “Holy Scripture”?  Why do we call it the “New Testament” if that term never appears in original Scripture? Do English translations qualify as Holy Scripture, if so why?  Why do so many theologians teach that the New Testament was originally written in Greek when the original Faith, culture, writing, and literature of its original authors was Hebrew and Aramaic?  Is the New Testament on the same level of Holy Scripture as the Old Testament, if so why?

Who and what is the agenda behind this?

This site is born out of lifetimes of study, service, and personal relationships with our Master Yeshua (Jesus) Mashiyach (Messiah).  We help find ways to A) Give Truth a place in our hearts, and “let justice well up as waters, and righteousness as a mighty river” Amos 5:24.  B) Restore New Testament Spirituality unleashing explosive revivals of love and kindness within the Household of Faith.  C) Empower our followers of Yeshua in the Perfection and Excellence of Righteous Instruction (Torah).

Truth and Justice live in Shalom (Peace). Where there is no Justice, there is no Truth. Let’s build up the Body of Messiah, make a difference in people’s lives and grow together in love and Faith… these elements will let righteousness flow like a mighty river.

Want to join the Forums?  

If you agree to the Rules of Conduct you are more than welcome to join the forums.  Your voice is important, agree or disagree, but always respect one another as we are all created “Tselem B’Elohim”, in the Image of The Divine One.