Can We Trust the New Testament?

What is the New Testament? Why do so many believe that the New Testament is Divine Scripture? What transforms a compilation of Greek and Latin manuscripts into “Holy Scripture”? Why is it called “the New Testament” if the term never appears in the New Testament? Do English translations qualify as authentic New Testament Scripture? How could it be that the New Testament was in Greek when the original Faith, culture, writing and literature of the authors was Hebrew and Aramaic? What is New Testament Spirituality? How does New Testament Spirituality differ from Old Testament Spirituality? What questions haven’t we asked about the New Testament, yet to be asked? What questions are we afraid to ask?

Regardless of what we think about it, the New Testament has shaped the lives and thoughts of more people, over a longer period of time, than any other book in the history of mankind.

The New Testament and the teachings of Mashiyach Y’shua (Jesus) will be around long after this generation is gone. What can our generation do to ensure that the next generation isn’t born into a world of New Testament Christians manifesting ignorance, hatred, and intolerance towards other New Testament Christians?

Who can join the forums?

Regardless of your age, gender, religion, region, race, or social status the New Testament and it’s billions of advocates are effecting your life, indeed the quality of your life. If you’re looking for answers, have some questions or simply want to say something you’re welcome to join the Forums. There’s even a forum for anyone who’s been socially, intellectually or spiritually abused by “New Testament Christians.”

Nothing is hidden, all Forums are public. If you agree with the Rules of Conduct you are welcome to join the forums. It’s important, agree or disagree, but always respect each soul of our Human Family as created in the Image of The Divine.

What about the people and purpose behind Can We Trust the New Testament?

Who is behind this website? Thanks for asking. My name is Baruch Ben Daniel.
What do you do? I’m the publisher of the Aramaic English New Testament.
Why? Empower our Human Family with Perfection and Excellence and dispel harmful religious myth.
Where are you? I’m currently in Texas, born in Canada, lived nearly 5 years in Jerusalem, Israel.
When? This site was born January 2018, it’s the product of over 40 years of investigation, study, research and service to Mashiyach Y’shua.
How will we do this? Give truth a place to live in our hearts and “…let justice well up as waters, and righteousness as a mighty river.” Amos 5:24

Truth and Justice live in Shalom (Peace) with one another. Where there is no justice, there is no truth, where there is no truth, there is no justice. We’re here to build up all members of our Human Family, help make a difference in people’s lives and grow together in love and Faith… let righteousness flow as a mighty river.

We welcome your participation, your questions are a fundamental key to spiritual growth and enlightenment, and your comments may well frame a better understanding for others. Our Creator gave each of us a one-of-a-kind “nature” and spirit, each of us have unique keys to help empower others in our Human family so let’s step up and make a difference.